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Potatoes, onions and chickpeas

marzo 22, 2014

Last months were warmer than usual (I mean last fall, winter and current spring) and at the beginning of march, as soon as i ended pruning olive trees, I begun to plant potatoes, onions and chickpeas. First i bought 75 kg of potatoes, choosing three varieties: desirèe, monalisa and adora. I dig grooves every 60 cm, 15 cm dip, adding compost in them and then placing the potatoes every 30 cm and finally covering them with some soil. It’s a common practice to cut potetoes in half before planting them.




Twenty days later I’m noticing the first potatoes appearing from under the soil.

For the onions i bought around two thousand plants of red and yellow varieties, which i transplanted in lines distant 30 cm, leaving 20 cm between each plant. Every 4 lines i left space to walk.

Finally, this year for the first time, I decided to grow some chickpeas, just a kilo, to get it a try. I dig little holes every 30 cm, leaving 50 cm between the lines. I placed compost in the holes and then four or five chickpeas. This kind of plant is really convenient because doesn’t need any care, first of all concerning water. That’s due to its capacity to grow roots up to two meters deep.