Bonfires for Angels

On the eve of december 10 it’s tradition, along Le Marche coastline, to light bonfires. This is related to the Holy House of Loreto history: tradition tells us that on december 10, 1294, the Holy House of Nazareth, already moved in Dalmazia, was taken by Angels across the Adriatic sea and came to rest in a wooded area nearby Recanati. The bonfires, called focarò, or focaricci, depending on the local slang, started to be light since the seventeenth century at least, to commemorate the angelic flight of the Holy House and help it on its way. The ritual had several steps: first of all, people had to gather woods, then they went at the meeting point bringing chairs to sit and pray by the fire. At The end, children and lovers, hend by hand, played jumping across The fire nearly off. Nowday The tradition is almost lost, but Someone is trying to save it, so it can happen that the owners of winery in Montelparo, organized an event based on The promotion of The wines they Made, local food, The lightining of The fire, folk music and traditional dance. the vinery is called Azienda Agricola Gabriele Vitali, and the event was organized with the help of a local organization called Circolo Culinario Cuochi Pasticcioni, involved in the promotion of local business, traditons and food.

Nearly there!

Nearly there!

I got at the farm at 5 p.m. and in a while all the partecipants were there too. The event begun with a visit at the wine cellar, where the oenoloist explained the process used to make wine. It was interesting to know they are the only farm in the area to make spumante, an italian sparckling wine.

foto (7)

After this short tour of the farm we moved in the room where tastings usually are organized. You can book a tasting of the six kind of wine made there, each of them matched with some food. On this event we had the chance to taste all the wines, and to taste home made salami, prosciutto, local cheese and home made bread.


One of the best moments were when the oenologist, with the saber got as a present by his friends for the degree, showed the way to open the spumante, when Gabriele read a poem by a local poet who wrote in the local slang, the lighting of the bonfires.

Gabriele reading 'A zappa? by Danilo Cappella

Gabriele reading ‘A zappa? by Danilo Cappella

All along the evening, every now and then, the elderly soul of the event cheered people on with his squeeze box, and a local singer sang some kind of folk song.

Grandpa Mario with Maria Teresa Vettore

Grandpa Mario with Maria Teresa Vettore

the pleasure of the evening was increased by the present of some friends that are often present in such events and give me the feling of being part of a large, beautiful, family.



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