Sleeping in the garden

This morning I’ve got an e-mail about an interesting and positive event: The publication, next february, of a book about rural tourism, which aims to be a new way to travel discovering the italian countryside avoiding the five stars full optional resorts. The book, called ‘Dormire nell’orto’ (sleeping in The gardeng) makes a list of around a hundred places such smallholding, mostly organic and biodinamic, run on family basis, where travellers can spend The night, have a meal and an insight of The farm life. Travellers will have Time for knowing their hosts, they will be introducted to local traditions and to other farms in The area discovering a network of Human relations based on care for people, food, traditions and environment. Key players are the families and the individuals that live and work in the countryside and want to make a connection with travellers through overnight staying, food, and exchange of knowledge.

Guests at La Sentella

Guests at La Scentella

I already know a couple of places that should be included in This book. The first, which i visited some years ago, is called Cimbolello. It’s located in Città della Pieve, Umbria. They have two small flats in their property, Made respected green building materials and principles. The family living there is very friendly and welcoming, they show me The farm, what they do, gave advices about what to do in The surrounding area. I’ve already talked about them in an previous post. The second venue is called Scentella, in Le Marche, and I will dedicate a post to it later.
There’s also a third place I’d like to mention, that i still have to visit. It’s named Locanda di colle ombroso. It’s a small restaurant in Porano, Umbria, where the owner, who has a farm too, sells his own goods (pasta, jams, flour) and uses them and other ingredients from local farms in their recipes. I’ll order this book soon, hopefully to be part of this network of hosts in the future.



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