Modern times

What has taken me here? A strong passion for farming? Not really. Or at least, not only that. I think I’m the average out come of this time made of Vandana Shiva, Carlo Petrini and his Slow Food movement. Serge Latouche and Maurizio Pallantd with their degrowth theory, E.F.Schumacher’s Small is beautiful concept, Fukuoka with The permaculture movement and The following transition movement by Rob Hopkins, based on resilience, pick oil and climate changes. A time Made of Hemilia Hazelip sinergic experiment for gardening, The Club of Rome with The foundamental limits to growth, Joseph Stiglitz and Amartya Sen with their study about The measurement of economic performance and social progress. A world Made by organic agricolture and WWOOF, eco and sustainable tourism, ethic finance and alternative currency, food miles, vegan and vegetarian diets, and The belief that another world is possible if everyone starts to be The change that wants to see in The world, acting locally and thinking globally.



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