Today i’ve been to Treia, at ‘La talea’ for attending a meeting about organic and biodinamic seeds hold by Sativa Rheinau, a swiss company leader in this field. The conference was really interesting indeed.
The foreword was that it’s impossible to have a high quality food without high quality seeds. Baring it in mind, we went to discover the Sativa company, created in 1999 by Amadeus Zschunke in Rheinau, Swizterland. Sativa makes, trades and selects seeds of vegetables, cereals, mais, aromatics, flowers for organic and biodinamic market.

The conference

The conference

We saw what activities Sativa has got in Italy, collaborating with stores and local farms for breeding and producing seeds. We were told Italy is a leader for seeds production and Le MArche is the second region for it.
Sativa works, for example, with Ecor Naturasi, with farms such as La Collina (Reggio Emilia), La Colombaia (Capua), Di Vaira (Termoli). More close, in Ascoli Piceno, there’s Caspar Vrensen.

After this introduction to La Sativa, we went on looking at the actual situation for seeds market, considering that even organic seeds are often treated with CMS process and crossbreeding. CMS above can be considered very close to OGM process. Demeter certified seeds are better cause there are more restricted rules to get the certificate.
Also, between 50% and 70% of both organic and conventional deeds are made by Monsanto and Syngenta with a high concentration of control on seeds on few company and threat to biodiversity, cause 98% of cereals and vegetables varieties are lost since the beginning of XX century, and 20 plant species give 95% of calorie for humanity with 50% of it made by rice, mais and wheat.

In this scenario operate Sativa, with the aim of work on ancient varieties and adapt them with natural selections to the needs of modern agricolture.
Finally we were told about a new ceertification, called Bioverita, created by Sativa, which goes further than the organic one, and guarantees that the process of farming is sustainable, healty and natural beginning from the seeds.

Lunch time

Lunch time

The morning section, as always happenes at La Talea, ended with a vegetarian lunch where partecipants had the chance to taste what is grown by La Talea and by the other producers involved in the “Vivi la tua terra” Network, which is a group of regional, organic or biodinamic enterprises that collaborates to promote locally their products.



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