San Martino walk

Every year for San Martino two local associations, Marsia a 360′ and Radici senza terra, organize The walk of San Martino, an easy walk in The mountain around Roccafluvione, which is a small town in The Sibillini Mountains area. The meeting point was at The nice san Martino and Giovanni church in Osoli village. We got there early And we had The chance to meet a local artist, Stefano Tamburrini, who Made a painting of San Martino and donated it to The Curch that really morning. Thieves had recently stolen pretty much everything valueble in The church and The idea was to donate this painting to decorate at least The wall behind The altar.

Stefano Tamburrino Painting

Stefano Tamburrino Painting

Before The beginning of the walk I had The chance to know something about that area, where people used to live from agricolture, chestnuts and truffles. Nowdays only truffles remains, cause agricolture has been abandoned and chestnuts have to face a dangerous parasite that is ruining many trees. The area is at risk of loosing its vitality and The way to contrast this process is to organize events that might Bring here visitors from The surrounding. And from this point of view The walk was a successfull example of what is needed here. The group of around fifty people of all ages departed at 11.00 and started to walk passing by Pesaturo, Pescolla, Cava, Stabino, through easy paths in the wood, where we met even a really si ngular small church.

On the way

On the way

The view was amazing, both to The Sibillini National Park and The adriatic sea, thanks to a beautiful warm and clear day.

looking at the Sibillini

looking at the Sibillini

After three hours we reached the organizer’s house, settled to host parties since there’s a nice garden, BBQ, a bar. There we enjoied some more food and drink, and even some traditional music.

At Campetto dei pini

At Campetto dei pini

Everything was so pleasant that i’m already looking forward for partecipating at The next edition, even if i think i might go there earlier in the spring to spend a couple of night in their caravan rented for The summer months…


…we’ll see!!



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