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Olive oil

febbraio 25, 2014

Let’s spend few words on olive oil, on what i know about it, and the work behind it. Beginning from the latter, and from the present, I can say that I’ve just finished to prune my olive trees (they are about a hundred) . I’m very slow in pruning, cause I’ve got no experience, and it took me almost three weeks to do the job, almost the whole february. So far I pruned the olive trees in march or april, but this winter was so warm that i could anticipate the job a lot, working in really nice and sunny day. I learnt how to prune with a friend of mine’s uncle, who came to help me for some years. Then, last year I tried to do it by myself, it was an epic job, I thought I couldn’t do it, but i did, and we had a great harvest, with 15 of olives. There are courses to learn the proper way to prune the olive trees, one is held byASSAM, another one by a local school for agricolture, I’ll go to the latter. At the end of february, and in march, you have to fertilaze the trees. This help the trees themself. To help the fruit, in this case olives, you can also fertilize in may or june. the harvest,


More Organic gardening

febbraio 23, 2014

Almost two years have already passed since the last post, and an up to date is needed. About two years without a proper job so far, still I’ve worked more then ever. Beginning with the small family garden, I added an extra garden for few extra crops and then, last year in april, I decided to work on a larger garden and try to grow vegetables to sell locally in order to begin a proper business in the next couple of years, if I see I can get enough money from farming. I started last spring growing tomatoes and beans, onions, garlic and melon, with different outcomes. Beans, for example, were superb, melon just a shame. I started to look for customers, aiming to reach a number of up to fifty families which I should be able to find soon mainly by word of mouth. After that first season I tried to expand the garden even more working for the winter crop in a three thousand square meters garden growing several kind of lettuce, fennels, cabbages, chicory, chard, cauliflower. I transplanted all these vegetables between mid august and october, selling it between november and february. It was an interesting try, since i saw what people like the best, and what they don’t eat almost at all. Also enriched by this experience I’ll be able to grow better variety and amount of vegetables the next year.


Winter garden in november

There were some difficult moments along the way, when i was afraid not to be able to settle the field in the proper way for the winter season, finding manure, water and other needs. I worked three weeks with no days off at all, from the early morning till night, but I’m still on board, stubborn more then ever, and a one hectare garden is ready to be used. Right now I’m busy pruning olives trees, while I’ve already pruned the fruit trees, with the desire to plant at least ten more of them, replacing the ones which died recently. Then, it will be time to plant potatoes, onions, and all the summer crops such as tomatoes, zucchini, peppers and so on.