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The moon

maggio 12, 2012

I found out how ancient beliefe are still radicated in our modern society. Many poeple know and believe about the influence of the moon on vegetables grow and other crops in general. I had some difficulties to understand the way it works, I also found someone who doesn’t believe at all and laugh at the moon subject, and in the end, I planted my running beans with no care about it. 

I also sowed a handfull of mixed seeds in the only raised bads I’ve got with no boards: radish, spinach, carrots, beetroots, chicory. Also, a copule of basils plants on the same raising bed. It’s an experiment to me, I’ve never done something like it, something so close to a sinergic garden.

I’ve also Had Stefano here to plant his own piece of garden. I hope to collaborate with him in th next year. Having people here to work th eland and to enjoy the place, share the oven in a community style is a aim of mine, beginning with friends and the GAS member.

For the first time I’m taking care about the orchard, and I think this is a good news. I mowed the grass and now the fruit trees look much better, have much air, which is good in a part of the year which is going soon to be hot. 

I want a map of my garden, and of my orchard.


Looking for reeds

maggio 9, 2012

Reeds are important in the garden, because they’re used as supports for running beans and tomatoes, peppers and aubergines. Usually people get them in winter, let them dry for months to use them in spring. I was a bit less organized: i realized I needed loads of them after having planted tomatoes and running beans. But, fortunaly, I’ve found plenty of reeds in the ditch in my field.

Another task to do in this period is to earth up the potatoes: I didn’t get well the reason we do it, it should be both to keep the humidity by the plant and to boost the grow of the tubers.

Also, I’ve got to transplant winter pumpkins and plant some more running beans.


maggio 8, 2012

Five months are gone since the last post. Five months which passed quickly, with few things to mention. I worked a lot. Here it is, mostly, in this period, I worked. With a pause due to the snow (we had so much snow on Februaryand some days I took to prune the olive trees, as usual, with Giovanni. Recently I got really bored and unsatisfied with my job, for several reasons: I’m not really interested in it;  my cotract is not that good (When I’ve got one); I dislike the life style this job let me lead (I feel I’m working too much time). So I quit my job, at the end of April, I decided I would try to find my way, somehow. The first will of mine, it’s linked to gardening: I want to experiment and learn as much as possible about gardening, and agricolture and traditions close to this ancient world, where i come from. I’d like to get as self sufficient as possible, at least for fruit, vegetables, legumes and conserves. Also, I’d like to check and value if I can get some money from the 4 hectar field I’ve got, growing vegetables and developing some kind of sustainable activity. Establishing link with the local community is also another aim of mine.

Since January I settled the first raised beds in the old garden. The good winter weather helped me a lot. Then I had to stop for the snow, and I starded working again on late march. By April, I finished three beds. Also, in March I planted in the third, lettuce and ONIONS, and in the 2nd lettuce, garlic and swiss chard. Working at the garden untill this point wasn’t easy, because of the lack of time: I did it in the week ends, in the evenings when the days became to get longer, and even after lunch, in that half an hour I gt before going back to work.

In may Stefano, a guy i met thanks to the local GAS, came to mill the rest of the garden, and in four days I ended it with 5 more raised bads. At the beginning of may I planted much more vegetables, such as zucchini, tomatoes, cucamber, obergines.

Now in the beds there are:

N.1: zucchini

N.2: lettuce and garlic:

N.3: lettuce and onions

N.4: Carrots, chicory, radish, spinach, beetroots, swiss chard

N.5: green beans

N.6: lettuce

N.7: cucumbers, peppers, aubergines

N.8 and N.9: tomatoes

Recently, meanwhile, I started to work in a new garden, outside my courtyard. At th ebeginning of april i planted potatoes there. Then, at the beginning of may, I settled the water system and planted tomatoes (for the sause) and beans. I’d like to share, this year, part of this new garden with other people interestes in gardening. I’m thinking about Stefano and a couple of other members of the local GAS.

From now on, I’ll try to update my work in the garden on a regular basis.