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last week end

novembre 29, 2011

the last week end there was Beatrice’s degree party, which was a dinner at her place with some good friends of her. It was a lovey evening, and I could enjoy it even more, since I already knew all the partecipiants. this is due to the fact that since the very beginning Beatrice introduced me all her best friends.

But, we had a really good sunday too. At the beginning of november we went to visit some oil mill in Cartoceto, an old town from the middle age, which is quite famous for its olive oil.

So, there are some old oil mills in the town and in its surrounding area, a countryside where you can find huge fields full of olive trees. We went to a really nice one, in the centre of Cartoceto, in an old building with rooms at the firts floor, and the olive press at the ground floor. We met there a lady, one of the owner i guess, who told us to come back the last sunday of november, to attend the opening of the hole in the basement, where they keep their cheese. It’s a very particular kind of cheese,

I had already heard of and watched on the television, that is seasoned underground, in a hole, following an old and typical process popular in this area. So, we didn’t forget the invitation, and last sunday we went to this event, to be honest, without great expectation. But we was wrong, because it was a really delightful event. At the beginning there was the speech of the owner, Beltrami, and few words spoke by the major. Then, we went down the basement, where the hole was, to see its opening. Some cheese, taken in bags, was bring upstairs, and share with all the participants.

The day was perfect, sunny and warm, and there were people outside, in th elittle square in front of the bulding, enjoying this really good cheese served with home made bread. Of course they had also some bruschetta with their oil. But it was possible to taste bread and cheese inside too, where the presses for the oil are. And people were sitting at the first floor, in a nice old room, with a wood roof and old piece of forniture. After lot of cheese, we were offered a nice warm plate of lentils, and then some pasta made with cheese and lemon. In the end, a lady came out in the square bringing a cake too. It’s not needed to say that since the beginning, we could enjoy as much wine as we wanted, either red or white. So in the end, we went to assist an old process of making cheese, and we got a really good meal, in a cosy and nice place with good people and friends. From now on, We will look for free meal of high quality only!!


Macerata Transition Town

novembre 14, 2011

Last week end I went to Macerata for the first local transition initiative. There’s a group of people involved with the “decrescita” movement who has organized several events for informing about transition, climate change, permaculture and other issues of high relevance nowday. On saturday there was a transition talk, held by Massimiliano Rupalti from Urbania Transition Town. It was a very interesting evening, where Massimiliano spoke about the challenges we have to face in the recent future, such as climate change and peak oil, and the way the transition movement and approach is trying to find an answer and a way to sort the problem out. It was positive to see the large participation of peole came to the talk.

On sunday the event was focussed on permaculture, with a film called “A farm for the future” and a speach held by Francesco Quondam, a pioneer of the permaculture movement in Italy. Francesco spoke about permaculture beginning from the experience in his farm in Cupramontana called “la tana del bianconiglio” and ending with wide isses and info about the italian permaculture accademy and several comment about the present society end economic system.

More films are to be showed on the next three wednesday: “the end of suburbia”, “home”, “gasland”.