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Week end on the mountain

settembre 9, 2011

after the sea, the mountain. my region is great because in one hour…


CS Beach Meeting

settembre 3, 2011

This first week end of september, I went to one CS meeting I wished to join since i saw it while being in England. I saw the pictures from Braziers computer room and i thought “I missed a nice event, i Hope they’ll do it again”. And here it is. Thanks to many friends of mine from CS, there s gonna be the second edition. The party it’s about meeting at a chalet of a CSer in Marotta, from friday to sunday. We can enjoy the sea, the sun, the food, the good company of friends and interesting CSers and a tour in the surrounding towns inland. Everything is organized on the CS website, where we could find the description of the event which any memeber of this social network could join. All the directions were there, we payed with postpay to buy the groocery. Them some details have been organized by FB. It s interesting to see how easy and possible it is to organize such events as this, setting oneown party, instead of waiting and looking for private venues, parties and concerts. Internet changed our way to enjoy our spare time!! I got at the meeting point and location of the meeting at 5ish, after a slow ride by car. I met first some friends i haven’t seen for ages (Francesco from Pescara, Marco from Ascoli), and friends I met several times in the last months and I wish I could see more often. Then BEatrice came, we went to set up our tent, and we met Sabrina, who came from Ancona, and Marek, and Dante from Pescara, who gave us some really good and homemade genziana. We played table football a lot, and we had dinner all together, for long time, with pasta, arrosticini, other kind of meat and fruit. I would loved more drinks, to be honest! By the way, there were 70ish of us at the party, and only few people helped at the BBQ, which was the hard job of the whole week end, so, they deserve a picture here indeed!!

The cooks. Thank you all!!

After dinner, we stayed chatting, someone went for a bath in the sea, many people divided in groups. We went to sleep not that late, at around one o clock. i really liked to see all the people i met in the last years, with CS, but Ithink I don t like this kind of huge meeting, because I don’t have the chance to meet new people at all, expecially if i like to spend time with my friends. Maybe it would be better to check the profile of the people who are coming, to see if there’s anyone with common interests or so on. Also, we used so much plastic and we made so much rubbish. We have to work on it to make our meeting more environmentally friendly. The sunday was dedicated to the beach, and to some more food, which I helped a bit to make, even though the group from Monsampolo was so great for it. After the 30th arrosticino I asked Dante how many one can eat, and he replyed 10 in a normal meal, up to 30 if the meal is just based on arrosticini. Then he added that when he was young he ate up to 80 arrosticini. After this, I was relived and I had some more of this traditional dish from Abruzzo!! But, after all this meat (I forgot to mention that we bought 850 arrosticini, and we had only 500 on saturday night) we need to recover; thank Godf there was a yakutzi waiting for us!!

Reinvigorating water massage!!

When we left, we went to Fano, for a walk in the city centre, with Sabrina and Bea. We had a very good ice cream in one of the 25 best italian gelateria (they say!!). We all agree, as a matter of fact, that their icecream is really good. After a while Alessandra and Jorge joined us, we ended the walk and went to the Caffe del porto, to drink the local and traditional Moretta. A good way to close the week end!!

At caffè del porto

Last stop: Lanbourn

settembre 1, 2011

On our last day, friday, we had a rainy morning, and a fresh afteroon. we left Indira’s house late, and we decided to spend the few hours we had in a different way. Beatrice went shopping, I went to pay a visit to Matt and Andrea at Lower Shaw Farm, where i volunteered last year, in august, for one month. I went there wlaking, as I thought it would taken half an hour at most, but I had to walk a bit more, with a light rain. When I got to the farm, I found andrea at the washing machine, and she was really surpised and pleased to see me. Even though she was busy organizing the week end – they were expectinga juggling week end and workshops – she found the way to welcome me, offr a tea and stay for a chat.Matt was having a nap, or a siesta, and I just met him for a second, before hedesappiered. So, in some way, my visit at lower shaw didn t ork properly, ot at least, it wasn’t as i was hoping, but that’s it, it’s done. Back to the centre by bus – this time- I met Betarice at the main street, and went togetehr home, waiting for Indira and a quick goodbye. We had to go by bus to lanbourn, that was the plan. But Lyla called me sayng she was coming to Tesco to buy grocery, and she could give us a lift, so, after the greetings with Indira, we went to Tesco, met Lyla, did shopping also for the evening meal, and drove home. nestor was waiting for us. We had fun cooking, together, chatting, until late. We found out they didn t have a printer for our check in, so we went to sleep with the plan to go and print the check in at Nestor office. the morning after we had some problem to print the document. we went from the office, to the post office and eventually the public library. Then, more greetings and the train to London, paddington. Then Victoria station and by terravision to stansted, where our plane flew one hour late for the bad weather. For that we got stuck at falconara airport, and w ehad to change our plan, go to Fano ande ask a lift to Federica, Bea’s friend. I nded this crazy day forgetting my PIN, for the mobile. I wrote three times th ewrong pin and my card was blocked, damn!!

About this holiday, as a matter of fact, I’ve just found the way to do what I can’t while working: travelling, couchsurfing, cooking, practicing a foreign language, being active from a social and politic point of view, spending time with so many different people and friends. Sharing this with Beatrice made it even more pleasant.

The magic roundabout

settembre 1, 2011

We met Indira at the railway station, and then, with Junior, we all went to Indira’s. It was a lovely 30 minutes walk, up to the ld part of the city. It was the chance to me for talking with Junior, while Beatrice, ahead, was talking with Indira. Junior was just arrived from Costa Rica, after a long journay and I don’t remember how many hours without sleeping. He was tired, but so exited for his journey, which was also his first journey abroad ever. He tols us about his trouble at the American airport, hisfear to lose the coincidence to Europe, and then his problem on the plain, his pain at the back, and other funny story. He told me his itinerary, from England to Croatia, his fear about safety, his exitment for every single unusual view – also this tunnel here, for me, is special, an unusual view – he told me while walking on the street. I liked junior since the very firt time. And I liked Luke too (Indira boyfriend, from Swindon). After a quick dinner with piadina, some beer and a nice chat, the 5 of us went to the pub, with another girl from CostaRica. She was working for the same company of Indira, but staying just for a couple of weeks. We had a pint in a typic english environment, and then back home. Indira’s house is very cosy, modern, and very ready for receiving guests. Indira has got this job in England, with the company she was already working in Costa Rica. She’s enjoining the experience above all, such as living abroad by herself. She will stay a couple of years at least, as the contract says.

The they after, thursday, we didn’t have aby plan. I was thinking to go to Avebury, but also liked to show Beatrice Oxford, which is worth a visit. Rather surprised, in the morning, checking the web, I found out that Oxfor was just one hour far from Swindon, so we quickly moved and rash to the bus station, where we separeted from Junior, who went to Bath. We found Oxford really pretty, and I liked  lot to being back. We had a beautiful walk in the city centre, a walk at the Christchurch garden, where, by a creek, we had a nice pic nic, enjoining the company of many ducks, fed by Bea. Since we saw many people passing by boot, we went to see if it was possible to rent one ourself. It was cheap, so we did it, and had fun, for an hour, trying to deal with the paddle and the other beginners on the water.

Back late at home, there was a chance for a short chat, and then it was sleeping time. This was a disappointing CS experience, for my point of viev, for what concerne our relation with our host, since we spent really not enough time with them.