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Same thought

aprile 17, 2011

After nearly six months since I left England I’m still trying to digest my experience over there. I’m still trying to adapt to my life  what I learnt, and to match my life with what I’ve bring with me from the UK. The process seems to be neither easy nor clear…

I keep on gardening, cooking, walkind and cycling, struggling to live as much sustainably and simply as possible through “green” practices and costums, such as buying locally, travelling by public transport instead of cars and so on.

If I enjoy my spare time easily, I can’t say the same about my job, which absorbs smost of my day time. When I came back home last november, I easily found a job, as a builder, which I found fine at that time, since I needed a temporary job to save some money. I managed to have enough money, but I reaced a point where I almost can’t stand my job anymore, since the conflict between it and my values is becoming more unsustainable day after day. I could compare my situation with a vegetarian who’s working in a butcher’s. In fact, I’m interested in green building (my original plan was to find a job linked with it, but it’s not that easy and I failed). I’m also aware of climate change and I try to take care of the environment as much as possible. I agree with those whowho want to stop the use of soil for new buildings. But at the same time, I find myself, most of the time, in front of tons of cement, lost of soil, huge amount of waste and rubbish from the building site and factory.

Maybe ignrance might be better, sometimes. Sometimes I envy those who see in those tons of cement just an opportunity to get some money, a sign of richness and development.

This condition of mine let me think about a change, and the first thought is about lieving again, experience more communities if possible, but above all, trying to spend some years learning about gardening, wwoofing again in Italy and abroad, and finally find a job in this field. This could be the way to fit my life with my job, my values and a deep link with nature.

Ideal might be to find a way to live also not just an individual, but as part of a community, brecause it’s just so pleasant and inspiring to live with a group of people, sharing oneself life with them. I’ve in mind a peacefull place, a container of knowledge, traditions and innovations, an educational centre, a laboratory where to experience a different life style, a usefull place for the wider society. A place were to find that sense of belonging and community which is missed nowaydays.

Finally, baring in mind the actual japanese nuclear crisis, the recent financial crisis, all the war around the war we are part of, the pick oil issues,  it’s also crucial that anyone, and any community as a whole, would be in politics, in order to take part of those national and wider decision which might crash anytime with our own life, making our efforts and everyday struggle for a different lifestyle and a different world just useless, powerless.


Dear BP

aprile 17, 2011

While I was at Braziers, i heard to talk about “bubbles”. Someone sayed that living at Braziers was, somehow, like living in a bubble, disconnected from the reality, from the world outside. I still remember Chris, when he didn’t go to vote for the national elections just because he forgot about it, deep as he was in his life at Braziers. To me myself, living at Braziers for such a long time, deep in the community life, his routine, his mecanism, his relations, with occasionals chances for join the world outside, was kind of living in a bubble, even though at Braziers i was just a volunteer, or, maybe, just because i wasonly a volunteer.

Now that I’m back out of the bubble, I’m trying to compare, to find a balance between the two conditions, keeping with me what I can and what I liked about my time at Brazier, enjoining what i missed at Braziers. That’s why in my spare time I’m very keen on cooking, gardening, walking and cycling. I’m trying to not use the car, walk and cycle instead, moving with public transport, which where I live is pretty hard, and that means moving from one place to the other is not easy at all. But curiously it’s interesting and positive to abandon my freedom to go everywhere by car whenever i want, and look for carsharing, or more local and short journeys.

This switch in my transport habits made my life slower. Thinking about food, I think about the gap between slow food and fast food. And I’m more and more convinced that slowness in life is really positive, as much as a simple life  style, since it makes possible a deep glimpse to sides and aspects of life that are usually not noticeable in the modern fast frenetic days.

I miss the community dimension. I try to pretend and approach to my family as a community, a small one, but it’s not the same, and not that easy. Maybe it would be better and easyer if there still were those old large italian families, where several generations and many relatives used to live in those great building in the country, farming and sharing their lives like it happens at Braziers, somehow. I could look for a sense of belonging and sharing to the wider communityaround me, either in my neighbourood or in associations which I’m a member of, but still, it doesn’t work. Maybe there are other ways that I don’t see at the moment.

One think I got since I left Braziers is a job, a way to raise and save money, being self sufficient and indipendent. I know how much money was an issue at braziers, for someone, and for me too. I didn’t apply to became a resident also for a matter of money. Well, now I’ve got enough money to live without worries, I feel safe and richer from this point of view, but poorer in life. My job takes almost all my day time, and there are few chances to fit in the day chats,talks, laughter, gathering and any kind of communal activities which at braziers can happen everyday. So I think of Woody, when once he said to me “some people have got the money, some other have got life”.  I’d like to find a balance.

Also since I’m back home, I’m more aware about what’s going on in the world, and in my country as well. Maybe I didn’t care so much about this matters because last year I was in a foreign country, travelling, enjoning the communities I was living in. Anyway, I’m touched by what’s going on in Lybia, and above all in japan, with the nuclear disaster which followed the earthquake and the tsunami last march. The eccect of the nuclear crisis, which spread all over the world, and which, in some part of it, ruined nature forever, it’s really shoking. Forever, in this case, is the most tragic word which make me feel frustrated. I’ve been making effort to live sustainable, in an ecofriendly, simple way, being carefull to the local dimension, to organic farming, recycling, climate changes and everything is related with this subjects, and I feel so weak and useless baring in mind that in any moment something could make all the good practices above simply no sense. It may be a war, or a nuclear crisis. What would I do if I was living in Japan, seeing the environment around me compromised, damaged forever. Even farming would’t be possibly pleasant, and the rain helpfull for many crop.

Going back to the bubble, I really appreciate communities, beginning with the one i had the chance to live in for a while. They are such an interesting and inspiring reality nowadays. I also see now the importance to avoid to get stuck in a kind of self sufficiency, disconnection from the wider society. I’m thinking about the importance of politics, in its highest and most noble meaning , about a kind of  involvement and activism that consists in being part of processes and decisions of national scale which have got such a great influence of our individual life. Trish with her activism with Greenpeace, Carolyn with her involvment in the transitin movement, are  the first persons who occur to me, who come to my mind.

Dear Zeno

aprile 10, 2011

Maybe it’s time you know my project for the year. You told me a couple of time about some important job to come in th enext month i should be part with you. I would be really pleased to work with you indeed, and i thank you for your propose. I like the idea of working for several months at those building project, but I’ve already planned to go back to the UK in July and in August, and so far, I will be back the 4th of September. If I can work with you aagain i would stay until Christmas, otherwise, i might not come back at all and look for some job in England until Christmas as well. My drream is to move to the Canarian Island the next winter, and in spring starting to volunteer in Italy or in Spain learning deeply about organic gardening and permaculture. I already saved enough money to travel around for the next two years. Money, this is an interesting subject. So far, since i came back home, i had less life but so much more money. I’m working, eating, sleeping, saving money. How long can I keep on with this life style? Winter was pretty much what i just wrote. I live in the country, where there’s no social life. I spend my spare time with my parents and my sister, when she’s at home, and that’s it. I miss a social life, in part also because being abroad the last year i got distant from the people i used to get along. Also, the chance to start a my own family, in this way, it’s rather remote. At this point, keep on living in this way seems to have no sense to me. I know this job and life style is very convenient, because i can save lots of money, maybe more then ever in my life, but after a while, what are too much money for? I can understand you, and all your effort, that I respect, because you have a way in your life, a life project. You’ve got a family, a beautiful partner, two awesome children, an house to pay for and morgages. but what have I got so far? I miss everything here, I think I failed in finding a place here, so even though I know, I’m aware this is a confortable life and a good place to live, maybe i should move again, and maybe come back later. I’m afraid to lose my job with you, to be honest, since i don’t know what job i might find, when I will need one. Also, I’m sorry to leave you: I came back home to avoid the english winter, to earn some money, and also to work with you. If i didn’t know i could work with you whenever i wanted, maybe i wouldn’t have come back home at all. I mean I know your story, your situation, your life, and i really respect you, and admire you, and working with you, I’d like to help you too in what you’re doing, since I know it’s not easy at all to sort out all the difficulty of your job. I mean, I feel you as a friend, and I’d like to be handy, but I’m afraid I can’t help you for long.