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Saturday on the road

marzo 20, 2011

My sister and I wake up rather early this morning, since we want to go to Civitanova. We have a rich breakfast together, than we walk to fetch our bicycle at the garage in P.S.E. It’s a lovely 45 minutes walk, under the sun, in a warm march morning. We talk about Emanuela yesterday evening phone call, her story about her weddng, her news and so on. Got to the garage, we meet Emanuela grandmother, who stay talking with us while we get the bicycle ready.

We keep on the journey riding on the promenade. There s almost no one around, expecially by the railway. Got to Civitanova, there’s more movement, since today there’s the usual saturday morning market, which is quite large, hold in all the city centre streets and in tha main square. We lock the bicycle by the harbour and go for a walk through the stands, beginning from the fruit and vegetables one. Then we start to wander between clothes, just for the sake of walk there. We don’t have to buy nothng but some ingredients to make humus, so we go to the islamic butchery i used to go some year ago. There we  find thaini, that is what we need. We also see a strange kind of package, and we find out, askind the owner, that is Tea, in grain. We are offered a taste of it, since the owner, a kind and friendly young from marocco, have a ready hot pot of that very tea. We sip it, and we find it really taste, so we definitely decide to buy it. So with thaini, tea and dry cheacks, we go back. On the way, we decide to get a look to another islamic shop, which we find crowder than the first, and much cheaper. That’s the place which will become our shop for etnic food!!

After a ride in the harbour we go back home, and we make an awesome cous cous, with pepper, zucchini, mushroom, cheaks, carrots and lots of onion. We enjoy it outside, keeping on get th emost from this warm day. I Drink also some good white wine which our neighbour make…i find it much better than many wine one can finds in the shops.

It’s funny beeing connected again with etnic food, after so long. I remember I even bought some etnic recipe books years ago, above all when I as involved with the local fair trade volunteers group. When i did my shift in the fair trade shop, I was so surrounded by food and goods from all around the world, I always remember with pleasure the cooking course we once  organized, and how much i liked etnic food, and try to cook it. Coucs cous, i guess to remember, was the dish i liked to make he most. Then, my interest shifted to localism, rather then globalism, and i started to prefer local food and dishes, and seasonal one too. But today was so good get back in touch with Africa, spices, flavour, and also to have a chat with those Moroccans shopkeepers, taliking even if shortly about their country…

We finish tiding up after lunch, and it’s lready time to think about the cake. We want to make Chocolate Salame, and we need biscuits nad margerine. The Moroccan tea gives us the energy we need, after such a good lunch which calls a proper siesta. Thank God my sister made a slightly too strong tea, I think!! So, Got again the bicycle we go to the closest shop, buyng what we need. It’s funny because at the cashier, seeing our shopping items, asks us wether we’re going to make a cake, properly, a salame. And at once she gives us her recipe!! We ask twice it, just to be sure to remember it, since when i made the salame in England, it wasn’t so good, and it might be helpful try a new recipe.

We follow the cashier recipe, and i have to admit, with pleasure, that the salame is really good, it’ is safe in the fridge now,  but I’m not sure if he will get over the week end.

Before dinner, we go for another walk, since we want to enjoy the light of a stunning fool moon…after this, tired to death…we can’t ask more to this saturday. We estimate we run maybe more than 40 KM…we’re positevely more than ready for bed!!


Some news

marzo 16, 2011

My sister got a reply today about her Leonardo application for a stage in Turkey, wich has been accepted. She’s likely leaving this summer, for a stage in a hotel. The city is Fethiye. It’s a touristic city on the coast, expecially popular for British. Lucky her, I hope she will enjoy living in Turkey and discovering a new Country and culture!! Maybe I’ll take the chance to visit? 🙂

Lucy told me Nonni has got my letter, and she was delighted 🙂

At work, few days ago, we asked the landlord if by any chance she wanted any olive oil. We let her try it, and she said it s very good, she wants some, for her and for her family. Of course it s good, it s made with lots of love, and international efforts 🙂

Yesterday my sister and i made an amazing lemon cake and some lovely cinnamon biscuits. We published the receipes on our other blog already!!

We planted potatoes last saturday. i decided to have a spot inthe garden just for me, and till she s here, for my sister. i m also keen on the guerrilla gardening philosophy!! 🙂

For Easter I found a pet sitting offer near Bologna, with that girl who owns a B&B and I was thinking to start a community with last year. It’s a week of 4 big cats sitting. I m thinking about it.

I always miss Julie, and this is not a news at all.

Sport: Boh

Weather: shit, it’s still raining, such a pain in the ass!!

It’s raining cats and dogs

marzo 6, 2011

Last week we had the worse weather, in term of rain, of the last decades. It rained almost without stop for three days in a raw, and the consequense has been tragic. I’ve never seen something like this, happening in my area, as a matter of fact, in my own town, involving me, my family, my friends,  people I know and the whole local community. It startes to rain on monday, and already on wednesday  morning the national media were talking about the tragic situation in Marche, due to the rain and flood of several river. Two people died while drivin their car, hit by the flood of Ete Morto; several roads were blocked by landslides; school were shut, and Public officers were busy in their aid efforts.

For three days all our relatives from Rome, Milan, Umbria, called us, worry for the news they got from the media. They wanted to know what was going on and wether everything was fine with us. Thank God, we were only very worry for all the rain was coming, and afraid of new landslides. we had, in fact, a small one on our private road, and a rather big one on the public road. Zeno, who is living by the river, could not left home for two day, while his parents in low have been taken away from home for safety. Also, Zeno’s clients needed help, because thei garage got full of water, and they had to throw awy three cars, lots of goods, and had to clean the room for a whole day.

Only today was finally sunny. it was so good walk and being outside again. Whar a pleasure sitting under the sun, drinking a tea…