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gennaio 29, 2011

I write down this post now, even though i wrote it few months ago, in november. This is the last thing I wrote while I was travelling. I think I have to add I ended my 2010 trip in Italy, with Julie, until mid december, one year sharp after I moved to England.

27th november, agriturismo S.M.

Yesterday evening I had the most difficult time with Julie so far. I’m still afraid I ruined everything and I don’t even know wether I will be able to stay here with her any longer. This early morning, still in bed, I say to her “let’s stay together, don’t leave me alone, youre the only one i care about and love, this is my prayer today”. I’d be ready to leave even tomorrow, since I’m not able to pretend with all these people around that I’m fine, while there’s such a conflict with Julie who makes me so sad. It’s almost 8.00 and we get up and go for breakfast. In the kitchen Daniel, Rosaria, Sandra, Corrado and Emanuel are already at the table. We join them, and enjoy the sweet bread we made yesterday, which is really good, to be honest. We try to organize the day. We’re going to harvest olives again, but only untill 11.00, when we’re going to the mill. We will have lunch there, while the afternoon should be free. For supper we might join a group of football players who’s coming to the agriturismo. So, after the classic after breakfast cigarette I smoke outside in the courtyard, we all go to the field by Corrado’s car. As usual, getting by car to the olive trees is quite difficult, for the path is very muddy. When we get there, Annarita and Elza are harvesting already. This morning is rather cold, and the net we use to collect the olives is frozen. In fact, overnight, on the mountain nearby has snowed and the temperature got to minos zero. Fortunaly it’s a sunny day, and it’s going soon to be warmer. Harvesting with Annarita and Elza, Sandra and Julie is a pleasure, we work having a nice chat and when Corrado arrives with the tractor to collect the olives boxes, I’m a bit disappointed for i’d rather keep on harvesting. But it’s 11.00, and we strangely stay with the plan and move to the mill. We go there with the land rover, followed by Annarita and Elza, who in the end decided to join us for the lunch at the mill. So, while oil is beeing made, we gather in the kitchen, where there’s a huge fire place we use to make our bruschette, with fresh oil and salt. After a while, Daniel and Rosaria come, with an awesome amount and variety of food and drinks. We cook many saussages, more bruschette, pork steick and turckey for Elza, who is muslim and can’t eat pork. While we’re cooking, someone set up the table in the room next door and by 2 o ‘clock we are sitting and enjoying the meal, in a funny and nice atmosphere. It’s the best way to celebrate the oil! It makes me think and imagine all the traditional celebration of the country life of the past, with the grain harvest above all. After lunch we all go to Annarita’s for a coffee and some limoncello. The atmosphere at her place, where also Annarita’s husband, her daughter and mother in low join us, with coffee, biscuits, chocolate and limoncello , is very cosy, simple, familiar, so italian in the end. I also have lots of fun, maybe the alcool helped much, playing a super hero challenge with Emanuel.

At about 4, the party s over and it’s time to go. Julie and I get to bed, and we are even late for supper, which is quite different from what we planned in the morning, since the dinner with the footballers was meant to be next week!!


I’m often listening to this song since Julie went home, because it  expresses exactly my feelings right now: