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Another w.e.

settembre 17, 2010

Another week end is coming. It’s rather curious i m talking about week ends, as i wasn’t volunteering. I mean, since I m here in UK, i lost the idea of the week end and sundays and bank holiday.

Anyway, today, friday evening, i should go with julie and lucy to visit irena, who is just come to volunteer at the abbey. It’s a chanche to ask her wether it s possible going to her place in bristol for one week with julie, at the end of september.

Tomorrow morning I m going with julie to a cs meeting in oxford. It’s kind of baking competition. It’s a way to spend some time out and see some nice people.

I hope that some of them will come on sunday morning at BP. I sent some message yesterday evening, to invite csers for the volunteers week end. I guess we are going to make cider, and then who knows, maybe we will find a way to spend the day together.

I’m still thinking about what to do iafter november. I don t know wether is possible going somewhere with julie. Staying here lomger finding the way to gain some money would be nice, waiting to going to cat in wales. In the meanwhile i want to enjoy and do my best here at BP. Helping the community is not always easy. I should help with building project, but there’s always something else to do, and the building tasks go on slowly.

In the meanwhile, I feel like i m not learning anythingin gardening, building or cooking. I don’t know wether i m learning something about my self. I don t know how this days are changing me, besides learning skills in some usefull jobs. I guess improving my relation with people is important, maybe i m getting self confident, maybe i m sorting out my problems…



settembre 15, 2010

Every so often I need to be by myself. In a community, this is a need rather important, after a while. Sometimes finding the way to do it is difficult, since in the community there’s always something to do together, and there’s always someone around. So it’s just nice stay in mt bedroom, reading, writing, listening to music, it’s nice walking or cycling by myself.

So here I am writng about the week end in Reading, which was really good. When on saturday afternoon I went to Reading, at Risc I met Julie, who was spending most part of the day there, as he does in Boston. After a while, Hady, Juan and Claudio came. We got a drink and we moved for a dinner nearby. The food was nothing special indeed, but I enjoyed the company and also the pleasure to have a dinner out, which i haven’t done since may.

After supper we met Pete and a group of friends of him, and we moved to a pub, where Grayson and her girlfriend, and other people joined us. After that the group split, and I went with julie, claudio, chris and gil to another pub which claidio liked a lot, and then we moved to a club. We finished the night at claudio’s, smoking. On sunday morning julie and I went for a walk in the village of Sonning, where Claudio lives. We had a nice walk by the river and we visited a nice church. Back to braziers after lunch i had to make the dinner. So Claudio came back to braziers to have some pizza.

On monday evening I went with Julie, walking, to wallingford, to watch in a pub the US open final match. We finished to follow it at braziers, on the radio, in the computer room.

And on tuesday, we watched a woody allen film, and Don Juan as well, with jonny depp and marlon Brando. Then we stay longer, with julie…

and this morning, a nice morning with John bucley and julie. We went to see his statues in wallingford, and then to his place, for a coffee and a nice chat. And back to braziers for lunch, we found Lucy, who was back from birmingham, where she had been for a medical check. After lunch we had a nice walk, with the dog of an oxford renewable employed, Woody.

Mid september at BP

settembre 13, 2010

BP, saturday morning, day off, grey sky, a wedding going on in the week end. Julie is gone to Risk in Reading, where we’re going to meet up in the afternoon. Claudio is coming as well, and a couple of people from CS too. I hope that with this gathering something nice will come for the evening and the night. After all, it’s still saturday night, even though i lost the meaning of this special part of the week.

It’s been already ten days I got back to BP. I’ve been welcome wormly indeed. That was nice, since leaving MWC wasn’t easy. I had such good time there, and I liked so much all the people, that I would have loved staying more. So, knowing that I was waited by lots of friends at BP, made the departure easier.

First I met Julie and Lucy, and then all the others. Judith was in front of the house, and i was really positively surprised by seeing her, since i didn’t know she was here at all. Everyone was so kind, and i was glad to see anyone again. I was given the room number 17th, at the top floor of the house. It was the first time I stayed in the house. I slept there for the first three nights and then I moved to the garden cottage, in the old Anna’s bedroom. It was rather weird decision, for Jane, one of the housekeeper applicant, said there was a negative energy in that bedroom and in the house as well. So, as in “non e’ vero ma ci credo”, I chose to move and leave the house. Now I’m really enjoining this new bedroom, very bright and cosy. The things i like the most are the radio I’ve found here, and also the chance to feed the birds from my windows. Right now there are plenty of them coming and eating the nuts I gave them. I remember when I saw on youtube this english habit of feeding the birds.

Since I m here, I noticed i m frinking very much. I spent one of my day off in wallingford, reading the godfather by the bridge on the thames, drinking wine. I got a meal with John and Julie, drinking and smoking. There were a wedding, and I spent good twelve hourse drinking the leftover beer.

I had a nice BBQ with Lucy and Julie.

There was Zoe’s birthday, which I almost missed completely. But that night was nice for the time spent with julie, in the loggia, until late.

I already cooked a couple of time. I m baking bread, even though by this time I have got some problem with the starter, which i found frozen few days ago.

And most of all, I m here not really like a normal volunteer, since I was given some maintainance project to follow. Right now, I m working at the apple store, with Daniel, another volunteer from Brighton. We are fixing the roof, and then building a wall to protect the barn from the mice.

I’m enjoining the job, since I can use the skills i got working as a builder in Italy. I’m enjoining it. Maybe I missed my job, and the part of myself who is linked to my that job. Maybe Nick was right, saying that it’s rather a pity I’m spending so much time in the kitchen, instead of using my skills. I prefer doing both, actually!!

I’m living my relation with Julie very nicely. We are close enough, we have our intymacy, and our own privacy, without any pressure of worry for the future. We might greet for good in november, and that doesn’t matter at all. I just want her to be happy, since she’s not so fine right now. I think about “la cura”, every now and then, I don’t know if this is appropriate.

I’m thinking about the winter as well. I have got several alternatives:

– going back to Italy for good, or just to save some money to come back here the next year, and hopefully stay at CAT, learning about greenbuilding

– stay at BP just for the sake of it, hopefully finding a job, like a farmer or a builder, likely in the green building area and then see what happen in the new year

– going with Julie in Spain, in Andalucia, in a farm Sarah and Linden from MWC told me about, and hopefully having some trip in Europe, visiting volunteers we met at BP, and then go back to Italy

– moving to Bristol and looking for a job

In the drawer there’s also a project to work the field in Sant’Elpidio a Mare. In that case, I should volunteer in Italy, at least for a year, beeing very keen in learning as much as possible in farms.

So, while I m thinking about all these, I have to take care to enjoy my time at BP, for these might be the last two months in Enlgand for me.

I m trying to get contact with Csers around, and Claudio, and John, and Simon Nonny’s grandson. I’m thinking about going for a week in Bristol, with Julie, and to visit Petr and Siggie in Stroud.

But now is launch time, and then Reading time!!