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giugno 24, 2010



Day out to Avebury

giugno 22, 2010

Thursday morning. I awake early, as usual, in my caravan. 8 o’clock. I can see though the curtains and the windows that it’s a sunny day, as the forecast yesterday said. This weather is such a pleasure, for today is my day off, I’ve got only one day off a week at Lower Shaw Farm, and this morning I wake up with this weird feeling of having no duty for the whole day, having the chance to stay longer in bed, having breakfast whenever I want. After 6 days in the farm, with it’s schedule and flexible timing, I’m loosing the concept of the day off, since I could just volunteer and live here without the need of any day off. I almost don’t need any day off, as Sergio said, when i got here. I think the days off are not natural, they have been sat up for this specific kind of society and lifestyle. Anyway, I get up with this feelings, I go to the bathroom and then briefly to the “cosy” room to recharge my mobile, since today i might need it. Then, it’s breakfast time, and I get into the “dairy”. Breakfast at Lower Shaw is such a nice moment and way to begin the day. Here i had the best breakfast ever, and I realizehow important is this moment of the day. Everyone is already so active and talkative in the early morning. Maybe is because people here get up very early, such as 6ish. Today Andrea, Matt and Rose are already in the dairy. Melissa come later, and I don’t see Clare, who has got a busy working day, and will be out for the whole day.

I toast the bread, which is home made, and spread on it peanut butter and honey. Then for the first time i have a duck egg, which i like a lot. Likely, I’m planning to go to avebury today, and Matt offers me a lift to the bus station in Swindon. While Melissa lent me her backpack, so I can bring with me my towel, the lonely planet guide, a good book to read, a sandwich and some water. We leave at a quarter to ten, and on the road we talk about language and communications and the limits of the words. He says that the way we cut the bread, we move, we look, can be much more communicative then our language, which is only a way to communicate. That’s make interesting observing people.

The bus to Avebury i very cheap. 3.70 quid for a return ticket. At the bus station, at my gate, there’s a long queue, since 15 minutes before the departure. Going to Avebury takes 30 minutes. The feeling of beeing on the road again, after two weeks at Lower Shaw, is nice. It’s nice looking the landscape change, from the city, to the country, where everything is green, and get into the nature.

I don’t know a lot about Avebury, except that it’s fascinating, maybe more then Stonehange, and that there’s the chance to have some nice walk (also the Ridgeway begin close to Avebury). Anyway, Andrea and Sergio told me that with a sunny day, Avebury is worth. So here I am on the bus.

I get to Avebury, and as I walk among the stones, I’m a bit disappointed, for i was expecting that the circle of stones was better preserved. So, in a few minutes I make the walk around the circle and I go to the tourist office in order to ask for some advise about the best walking path. I choose the one that lead to salisbury hill. The walk is easy, and pleasant. As soon as the Hill is in sight, i like it. And i want to climb it. Unfortunaly, when i get by the hill, i realize that climbing is forbitten. I’m very tempted to climb, remebering that italians like what is forbidden, but in the end, i quit.

I go back on my step, and then I follow a group of tourist, and after few minutes walking, I get to an ever more exiting spot: West Kennet long barrow. A neolithic barrow, very well preserved. I get inside, and it smells of incense. Few people are at the bottom, in the main room, meditating and praying. Kind of new age. This makes me thinks about the new age people who are coming soon to Avebury for the summer solstice celebration. I lay on the ground, by the barrow, and i realize how special this place is, far from the houses, lost in time, very quite now that the tourist are gone and I’m alone. I get into the barrow again to see if there’s still someone (I though to hear a scream, and a girl went out the barrow, running to reach the group). There’s no one, and I’m a bit scared and unconfortable in the barrow. I rush out, enjoining the sun and the amazing landscape.

Dairy Picture

giugno 14, 2010

Sunday evening, I’m sitting in the dairy, by the window. I’m getting used to read here a book which Matt gave me last week, called “A concise chinese-english dictionary for lovers”. Between me and the window there’s a small table, with several magazines on it, two copies of the Swindon festival of literature brouchure, my Pueblo, with the filters and the papiers, the red towel which Andrea gave me today morning, an old map about Cirencester and Swindon area, the Britain lonely planet guide, my dictionary italian-english, and a 30 cm high wood mashroom.

Red curtains.

In front of me, hang on the wall, there are several shelves. On the top two of them, there are some strange objects, among whom i can recognize a matrioska. On the shelves below, there are books about gardening, mushrooms, herbs, travel.

A couch.

A white wall made with bricks, with two wood black line. And the stereo, above a cupboard, by the door, Another stero, similar, is in the kitchen, on the fridge.

The door has got a hole, which Lily use every now and then to come in the room. A room which is so cold in the winter, for it was used to make and preserve cheese.

Then, the door which led to the kitchen, and the stove, above which clothes are hung to dry.

On the last wall, behind me, a table, with the microwave, and dirty cups and plates. On the wall are hung the shelves made by Chris. He used oak, a really heavy and good wood. The sink, by the window, with the always present ecover soap, and than the oven and the stove, with the moka I’m often using. Above the oven, on the wall, there’s a clock, a “bird clock”, which bit the hours with different birds wistle. Eventually, another table and shelves, with all the pottery (mugs, cups, plates) and the teas, coffes, herbs. The kattle, the toaster, the sugar and the bread are on the table.

The pavement is made with large ols flat fascinating stones, while the roof is made from woods, with a frame of rather big beams.

A table is in the centre of the room, surrounded by different kind of chairs. Two of them look very cosy. I wonder wether they are Matt and Andrea’s chairs. On the table, a copy of the observer, a plate, a candle and some flowers.

I roll a cigarette, which I m going to smoke as usual before going to sleep in my caravan. I take the papers, wondering how many of them are left. I’m running out. Probably tomorrow i have to go to Tesco, to buy a new packet. In the meanwhile, it begun to rain. It’s almost midnight.

To Kate

giugno 11, 2010

Ciao Kate,

how are you?

Here everything is fine. Even though, today was a hard one. Daniela didn’t feel well, so i was the only volunteer available. I started working watering at nine and i finihed at 6 in the afternoon cooking for the group which came for the week end (we have a course on wild flower, rather interesting). I dind’t have almost any break, since i dint know the day was supposed to be so busy, and I also offered to cook launch (that was a pleasure, since it was long time i wanted to make risotto alla milanese, delicious!!) So in the end, i spent plenty of time in the kitchen with andrea. I’m a bit concerned about the next weeks, since i ll be the only volunteer, and doesn’t seem so easy, at least at the week end. Anyway, as in braziers, anyone appreciated my job. Unfortunely, my father tought me to work hard, above all!!!

So at 6 o clock, i took off my beautiful apron and i went for a ride by bicicle, following the E45. It was nice, sunny, and warm. Tomorrow afternoon i would like to go to Cirencester, since i saw it’s one of the village in the cotswald. But let’s see how busy is the day.

You know, after 5 months in a community, I’m enjoining my time in a “family”. Everything is a bit more normal, I can have a better relation with all the people living here, while at braziers i ended to spend few time and to exchange few words with almost everyone, having a deep relation with just few people (it was kind of like at the school). And also, here it’s so nice and easy cooking for the residents, and also learning some recipe. I think I’m looking forward for the first real farm i m going next september, which is a couple with two kids. Anyway, I still think that living in a community is a great opportunity and a nice life-style.

About cooking, I think I like learning cooking not just for me, but because one day, if i will be lucky enough to have a family, it will be nice being able to cook for the girl i love. Well, it’s also that food for me is really important!! In the meanwhile, I m having fun making some italian dishes for andrea and the others.

Today i got two e mail from italy, one from my mother, one from the president of the association of etichal costumers in which i m a member. Both of them were positive. My mother told me about the good weather, our nice orchard and garden, and about my sister who is working hardly making ice cream. Rocco the president told me about the growing of the association and about some event linked to it.

Tomorrow i will send the lower shaw telephone number to paolo, that close friend of mine which i told you. I would be glad to get a call from him.

So here it is almost my whole previous life in italy, my family, some good friends, and a bit of activism to make the local community a bit better (with my idea of “better”). I guess I would like to join all of these living in a place like lower shaw farm, really: living with my family and some good friends in a place where it’s possible teaching, learning, helping and exchanging everyday some good time and value with the local community. It’s such a dream!!

It’s time to go to bed. The whole farm is asleep by now.

Ciao a presto