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Lower Shaw Farm

maggio 15, 2010


maggio 15, 2010

This is something I wrote thinking to my experience at Braziers. I read it in th elast sensory meeting I attended:

“In this days I was thinking about a Marx quote. I found it on the web, in english. It’s this one, here below:

“. . . as soon as the distribution of labour comes into being, each man has a particular, exclusive sphere of activity, which is forced upon him and from which he cannot escape. He is a hunter, a fisherman, a shepherd, or a critical critic, and must remain so if he does not want to lose his means of livelihood; while in communist society, where nobody has one exclusive sphere of activity but each can become accomplished in any branch he wishes, society regulates the general production and thus makes it possible for me to do one thing today and another tomorrow, to hunt in the morning, fish in the afternoon, rear cattle in the evening, criticise after dinner, just as I have a mind, without ever becoming hunter, fisherman, shepherd or critic.”

I’m not interested in communism theory. I’m interested in the idea of human being that this quote claims. It’s the same idea which other people recognize: from Shumacher to Laville, from Latouche to Illich. A human being far away from the stereotype which the main stream economic theory describes. Marx is far away from the idea of a mankind who is only interested in obtaining the highest satisfaction of its needs with the lowest efforts, and in acting like a consumer or producer in the local or global market. Capitalism wants to reduce in this way the complexity of the human being.

I like to think that the mankind is something very different and more complicated from the stereotype the capitalist society claims. I also think that Braziers Park and communities in general are a clear proof of it and a way to boost the development of this human complexity. At Braziers, for instance, anyone has the chance to cook, to do gardening, to study, to do art, to teach, to do politic, and so on. Anyone has the chance to do all that, without being just a cook, a gardener, or a student. Anyone, anytime, can develop that aspects of himself which he is interested in. Communities make this process easy and feasible, cause everyone shares with the others his skills and life, and everyone receives from the others even more then he is able to take.

I think also that communities are a mean to overcome the contemporary individualist society and its limits in therm of human relationship, life styles and social deseases. They are a way for anyone to share a common project, a way to dedicate some time working for a group where anyone is an active member, instead of spending the whole life as an isolated part of a massive and complictated machine which no one can control, and almost anyone is controlled by.

This is the kind of person I would like to be. So I guess Braziers, for what i saw, might be the kind of place Where it would be nice to live.”

Last days

maggio 5, 2010

The last days at Braziers were special and full of emotions. I left the 11th of may, and since one week before i begun to feel quite moody. It was rather surprising that in Easter i didn’t really care to leave, since i though it was time for it, Julie was gone and everything was so different compared to the time she was at Braziers…but now in may, i did care to leave. Something, in a month time, was change. Without Julie I was more focussed on the Community, and my relation with the community was more strong. As I said in one of the last morning meeting, I think my attitude to the community and my role of volunteer changed several time in this 5 months. In the beginning I didn’t either know what volunteering meant. After a while, I realize that volunteering is like working, and i did my best to gain my accomodation and food. In the end, I started to volunteer just to help the community, I felt part of it, and there were this kind and friendly relation with the its members, that I tried to do my best just like people do for their friends.

I have to say that everyone in Braziers appreciated what I did, and loved me. Everyone in a different way showed me his love to me. for instance, Daniel, who proposed me several time to stay more, Zoe with her hugs, Trish, Lettie and Anna with their presents my last night, John and Cindy, Peter and Siggie and so on. I’m not used to this, I don’t know if i deserve it, but I’m just very thankfull to everyone.

In the last week I also enjoyned two CS meeting. One for mayday, when a group of CSers came to Braziers from Oxford and Reading. In the end there were almost 30 of us. I spent th eevening in Reading with some of them, and then we agreed to see again on sunday the 9th at Lyla’s. It was a great sunday of food, laugh and good time togheter. Actually, I went to Lambourn at Lyla and Nestor’s place on saturday afternoon. We spent the evening cooking pizza and knowing better each other. They are an incredible very kind and welcoming couple. Lyla already invited me for another cooking session a month before, and since the beginning i could understand her kindness. I could’nt miss the second session, therefore i decided to give to couchsurfing a new go, after lots of time on no activity at all. And I have to say, thanks to Lyla and all the others, that it was really nice exeriencing again the pleasure of meeting such nice people in this nice way. The Reading group is just born, and it’s nice see how it grow. I hope to partecipate again in some event, beginning with the end of june, for a BBQ, as Lyla proposed.

CS Meeting in Lambourn

Another news, which made my last days so emotional, is linked to Julie. She was volunteering in Italy, in an art monastery run by americans, and she was supposed to stay there for a couple of months. I was supposed to visit her at the monastery and then she would come to visit me. This was the original plan. It changed twice. The first time, after she realized the monastery was awfull, we decide she would come visiting me as soon as possible, for the whole last of my time in Italy. Then, the second time, when I told her braziers was looking for a volunteer, she decide to come to braziers as soon as possible. So he got to Braziers the day before my partying. I was disappointed of her decision, expecially since she seemed to don’t care about meeting in Italy, and seemed more interested just in moving to braziers again. After have wainitng so long to see her for several days i wasn’t either happy to see her again just for few hours. And really i was so distant from her, and cold…I think it was a natural way to protect me from any sorrow and useless emotions. The happy end is that Daniel offered to me to go back to braziers, if I like, even from the beginning of june. That s made me partying a bit more painless. I guess I want to go to Lower shaw farm, just to experience something different, for the whole june. And then I ll come back to Braziers in July. So, one time more, my plan seems to be changing!!

And now here I am, in Italy, for a couple of week, with a terrible weather so far. I’ll try to enjoy my time here, relaxing, visiting some good friends, eating and drinking, and so on.


maggio 2, 2010

Everything is ready for mayday, that at Braziers is not celebrated the 1st of may!! It’s going to be a party with music (acoustic ballroom), BBQ, local beer and cider, story telling and plenty of scrabble. We are expecting about 400 people. We spent the last days bakering. Today they put up the stage, the yart for the story tellling, the stand for the beer and the BBQ. Everything is ready and I;m looking forward to the party. I also set up a couchsurfing meeting, and more then 20 people should come from Oxford and Reading. I also invited Lisa, a girl from London who was here few weeks ago with a Yoga group, and Kate, another girl, from London too, who i met at Redfield a couple of month ago. I hope to spend as much time as possible with them, even though it looks like i have to work at the car parking, t the BBQ and who knows what else.

Mayday at Braziers Park

Mayday at Braziers Park

In the last days I also began to think about my departure. I’m sad about that, but also curious to know what else will happen, at lower show farm and monkton wild court. Actually, If i would like, I could stay more at braziers, but this time, it s time to go. In Italy i will meet julie, who has got some problem with the communty she had to stay. I’m also curious to see what happen with her. I’m really looking forward to show her my hometown and my region and hopefully to enjoy the place and the people I live with.