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Henley On-Thames

aprile 24, 2010

I’m lieng in a quiete green park by the river Thames, few minutes walking from Henley on-Thames town centre. Getting here by bycicle from Braziers, this morning, took an hour. It was a nice ride on secondary roads and quiete lines, with almost no traffic at all, and mostly through woods, lovely landscapes and small pretty villages The country in this area is just awsame.

The Thames pathway in Henley is rather comfortable and it’s easy cycling on it. I think it might be possible cycling from Henley to Reading all along the Thames.

From my spot, here in the park, there’s a familiar, very nice view, which reminds me the Danube and my journey in Austria, few years ago. Every so often a little boat or a canoe pass on the river. The canoes are followed by sort of trainers who give advise and direction to the team from the bank. Also, in this wednesday morning, few people walk and run on the pathway. I’ve been here last saturday too, and it was much more crowded. As the last few days, the weather today is lovely, sunny, even though to be perfect should be a little bit more milder.

I’m going to relax, read a tale of two cities, by Charles Dickens, listen some music and eat rice I made at Braziers before leaving, while Daniel was making the lunch for the communiy.


Spring in Oxfordshire

aprile 17, 2010

The Easter Creativity Week End is gone, and it was nice. We had not many guests, or at least, not as many as i was expected, but it was fun. There were lots of courses, such as for making bread, candles, wheel bunches. There were a fashion sessions, with colorful clothes. Zoe run an explosive eggs stage. And there was also a dance lesson. That was several days ago. In the meanwhile I m enjoyining even more this community, everytime in a different new way. I started to partecipate to the week meeting, on tuesday, and i have to say that is very interesting seeing how the community works, even though there is another meeting, the subex, every thursday, that is important too but that i ve never joined. The weekly meeting is a moment to discuss about the community, the events, the many things that are going to happen here.

I also started to take the habit to watch the TV after supper, usually with Peter. We watch a couple o episodes of Friends, and also a film, when there is a good one. Yesterday evening was unusual, since I went with Peter for the second time to John Backley’s. We drunk wine and Rum, listening good music by the fireplace, eating something and having a nice chat. We went back in the morning, since we missed all the buses in the night. So we slept on the couch and we got the bus at 8.30 in the morning. It was fun drinking beer in the early morning, in Wallingford square.

Another habit I took, is Cycling. Annais borrowing me her spare bike, which is a good one, and whenever I have some spare time or day off, I use to have a ride all around Braziers. I found out a very nice village nearby, South Stoke. I also often go to Wallingford, Goring, Stoke Row, Chekendon. Today I ve been to Henley on Thames. It s a very nice village on the Thames. Today was an amazing sunny day, one of the best so far. There were lots of people in Henley, just walking along the river, in the village center, roaring. Lots of boats. It was lovely. I also met by chance a german girl, Gudrun. We were looking for our way back home, she was cycling too. So we cycled a bit together, and we exchanged our number. It was funny when tonight i found a message from her on CS. She’s a couchsurfer too, so hopefully we can meet again before i leave.

I was forgetting that two days ago Bojan left the community. He s going to spend some day in London, and then he’s moving to Crete.

Still here!!!

aprile 6, 2010

I got a very nice present this Easter. Saturday I was helping Peter in the kitchen, cooking for the guest. I was doing the washing up, and Daniel came saying “the volunteer who was supposed to come next week is not coming anymore, so if you like we have room for you for other two months, until the end of may”. In the beginning i replyed that I would have loved to stay, but i couldn’t since i had an agreement with redfield, where i would move in two days. But then i realized that i preferred to stay at braziers, instead of moving. So here I am, until the 12th of may, in this wonderful community. I would never immagined to spend five months here.


aprile 3, 2010

A ring of people in the drawing room, a soft light from a corner by the percussion player. A german song sung by Lena, standing by the fireplace and Kate, in a white dress, dancing for us…