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Into the wild

marzo 28, 2010

another week end is over. We had nice guest this time: it was a group of then , mainly coming from london, for a yoga retreat. They all were very talkative, and spent many time with us. Maybe is due to the fact that they had two yoga session, one at the early morning and the other one in the late afternoon, having most part of the day off. I also could go for a walk with one of the guest, a bit like a tourist guide, since so far I know very well the surrounding an dmany pathways.

Today I also spent the afternoon tidying up and cleaning the caravan where I m going to spend the rest of my days at braziers. I already moved all my stuff there, and I m looking forward for the first night, which will be in a couple of hours. It’s just annoying that the caravan is so far from the main house.

This evening, after supper, I eventually had my first yoga session. So far, I was surrounded by people so keen on yoga, and I ended to be curious of that. It was just an hour sessione, very easy, but very nice. There were few of us, Damine, Lena, Trish, and then Bojan, who gave us the chance to do a bit more exercise (we were following, sadly, a DVD lesson!!)

Tomorrow, as ususal on monday, it will be mainly housekeeping. I should also redecorate my room in the cottage, for the new volunteer. that’s maybe on tusday. In the meanwhile tonight we move the clock one hour forward. Now the daylight is until 8 o clock. The winter, with those very short days, seems so far away….


Missing Julie

marzo 27, 2010

Lots of life went on at Braziers in the last days. I’m a bit fed up with the housekeeping and the job in the kitchen on the week end. Fortunaly spring has begun and there are more chances to work outdoor. Eventually I mannaged to work with Kelly in the garden, planting potatoes.

I had the best time in my days off and in the spare time. I had a couple of beautiful ride around braziers, to Goring, woodcote and Stroke raw, through beautiful smole road surrounding by woods. Here the nature is stanning. I went for nice walks with Julie, to her favourite spot, which i call Julie’s belvedere, and to the Holies, close to Goring.

We had fun in oxford, with the other volunteers, and for a dinner at Al’s, with him and his flatmates.

Al came to visit me at braziers last sunday, and we went for a lambing day in a farm nearby too.

There were also planty of birthdays. Ben’s, Nonny’s, Boyan’s. Everyone was special indeed.

Last friday Peter,Julie and I went to John Bakley’s for dinner.

And then an evening watching a leonard cohen conert, another one playing risk. A night in walligford at an indian restaurant and in a pub. This was to celebrate Julie’s leaving. She left two days ago, to Spain. The last days with julie were amazing, full of emotions. In two months and a half she become part of the community, and everybody showed their love for her.

It s for granted that i m missing her a lot. We spent so much time together, that now i feel rather lonely. It’s the first time that I experience something like this. Meeting somebody for a time, and then have to separeted from her. And the worst is that Day by day, I ended to fall in love with her.

Anyway, it was beautiful. And now I have to go on with my schedule, and wait may to come back to Italy and hopefully meeting Julie again.

braziers gave the chance to stay for easter. So the 6th of april I m moving to Redfield.

Sunday I have to move to the caravan, it will be funny.

Another good news: the first two lambs were born, th emorning Julie left.

In the meanwhile, only badnews come from italy. Now my father had an accident, hit his knee, and can t move it. Hopefully in few days hr will get better.

Turf Tavern

marzo 11, 2010

This is my favourite pub in oxford. I don’t know that many pubs, it’s just that I’ve been there a couple of time in the last week and I already feel like at home in there. The first time I went at the Turf with Julie, last wednesday, after a day spent at the natural museum and wondering around the city. With a pretty nice english style, like my sister sayed, we went back to Braziers rather drunk. That evening, we met the new two volunteers, Helena, from Germany, and Damien, from France. Both of them are already as friends of all us as Koni and Kanako.

The week is gone as usual, with some work outside, hedgeleyeing, and some work inside, housekeeping. On saturday night there was a special performance by a musician who was our guest with a group came for the week end. He played violin and sung some traditional irish, english and scottish song. It was amazing. In the week end It was also nice meeting Tom, the grandson of one of the founder of braziers. He’s a very interesting person. He gave me and julie a short document about braziers, his story and his first aim as a school for adults.

In the meanwhile, sunday Peter left to edinbourgh, to meet siggie.

Yesterday was the volunteers day off, and with all of them and bojan I went to oxford, to the turf again, for more cider. We then went to tesco, to buy ingredients for the supper, which we had to Al’s house. It was a pleasure meeting him again, and his flatmates. Hopefully he’s going also to visit me at braziers. He invited us for easter, since there s a party at his place, but I’m not sure about going, since i m not sure neither if I ll still be at braziers.

Recently I went back to my old worries, and concerns, and fears, and I m trying to be carfull to not waste my last time at braziers.

In the meanwhile from Italy I got just bad news. A friend of mine is dead recently. I did not know either He was still very ill. I got an e mail from him, very sad but still hopefull, before his last operation. Unfortunely it was without success. He was only 35. And also from my family I got bad news. It seems that last night it was raining a lot, and gorund and trees come down towards the house. My mother talk about a disaster. I can t imagine what happened. They spend the whole day to clean it up, and it s still not over completely. So another problem, after the one with the roof on our previous home. Let s wait for some good news…


marzo 2, 2010

Sunday morning we started to work at 10. It rained until 12. John, David and I worked at the green house, while the other cleaned the strw barn and did some other tasks. The launch was very nice, made by Corinne and Christiana. After launch I had enough time for a shower and at 3.30 I cought the bus to oxford. I got to Braziers only at 7. It was supper time, and everybody was eating. There were not many residents, actually. Anyway, it was incredibly nice getting back. As soon as he saw me, Bojan came to hug me. And Julie had saved me something to eat. And everybody asked how was my week at Redfield. The best thing was that after supper, at 9, we had a great bornfire, set up by Peter, who also made a sort of Sauna, and took it near the fire. The plan was to cook the marshmallows which Julie’s mother sent us from the States, with biscuits and chocolate, and in the meanwhile hitting the stones to use for the swet lodge. Everything was perfect. There were ten of us, enjoing the fire and the cakes. Then the most part of us went to the swet lodge. It was very funny. Hugh was very happy to get naked for the swet lodge!! and what a fun when, after it, he came close to the bornfire, and after a while, started to run around the garden. And it was brilliant when peter, naked as well, started to run after Hugh, faster the double!! Bojan, Julie and I remained at the born fire until 3 in the night. It was a fantastic, clean sky, full moon night.

On monday morning Julie and I worked as housekeepers, while Koni had the day off. In the afternoon I went with julie for a short walk, before making together the supper. It’s awsome volunteering with Julie, since both of us like being busy, cooking, redecorating, working in the garden, it seems that we like everything, and doing it together is better indeed. The evening was nice as well. Zoe show us a very interesting film about the architect Mike Reynolds, founder of Earthship Biotecture. It was about his experience as creator of this new kind of building.  For me it was interesting knowing about this ecobuilding experience. Zoe sayed there will be a course abouit earthship building next june. I’d like to join it. She has a project about building an herown earthship, to live in and to run an art centre too.

Today, early morning, I went for another walk with Julie. It’s very nice walking in the early morning, before breakfast and th emeeting. Today, though, was a splendid sunny day, and I enjoyed it cycling to Wallingford, and to Woodcote. It was very warm, 8 degrees. It’s not like in Italy, where right now there are 16 degrees, but compared with december and jenuary, it’s lovely mild.

The forecasts say that will be sunny for the whole week, so maybe tomorrow I could go to the beach, some where, maybe to bournemouth. Let’s see, in the meanwhile, tonight, Claudio should come to Brziers. Finally he’s back from China, to live and work in Oxford.

Today Koni left Braziers. He volunteered with us and was my roommate since the beginning of Jenuary. We had great time together. Now he moved to Cornwall, in a farm which I was in contact with. Seeing koni leaving made me thing to the day I’ll have to leave as well, It won’t be easy at all.