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Saturday night

febbraio 28, 2010

My week at Redfield has almost gone. Tomorrow is going to be the last day, when we’re going to work only in the morning, from 10 o clock to launch time, with the usual tea break. I still don’t know at what time leaving; since I won’t have to meet Julie in Oxford, maybe I can have a shower and spend more time here…

Today was the best day of the week. Started with the best porridge ever, which Katerine made for me. The weather was perfect, mild enough to enjoy the work outside. It was logging in the morning, and take off the green house in the evening. Quite hard job, but I liked it. I thing that I’m so used to the manual job that I feel rewarded in doing it.

The meals were awesome, and at launch I had a very nice conversation with Kristy, who told me about the history of this community, about her time wwoofing in New Zealand and abot how she and Chris met there.

After dinner we went to the pub in Winslow:  there were the volunteers and some residents. It was nice, beers and chat untill midnight.

So this could be the last night at redfield…I’m quite sad to leave. In the meanwhile at Braziers they had a mexican dinner and having clubbing. It’s so different from here….


The Week End is coming

febbraio 26, 2010

Yesterday I spent most part of the day in my bedroom. The morning was off, and in the afternoon I worked with Felicity and Corinne just for less then two hours, cleaning the bees frames.

Today was more interesting: this morning I helped felicity cleaning the Kitchen, and we had a pleasent chat. Then I went back to the bee cottage, to keep on cleaing the frames. I worked there untill three in the afternoon, the rest of which was off.

The meals are getting better: yesterday I had lasagne and today felafel, delicious!! David showed me the cellar, where they stored the cider, and gave me a bottle of that, which I drunk this evening watching the rugby match of wales versus france.

In the meanwhile, the wwoof week end has started, and at 7 o clock all the volunteers got here. Three of them are from Galway, Ireland. They want to create an ecovillage in thei hometown, and are travelling to see some example of it. Next week they ll go to scotland. The last volunteer is from london; he s already been here, volunteering for two weeks.

So now things are changing, and I have two differents kind of days ahead of me. Likely, if the weather will be good, we’re going to work to the green house. Otherwise, we have a plan B, with indoor tasks.

I start to miss Braziers a bit less….and I also think that I needed this week at redfield, above all to relax and stay a bit more with myself, since at Braziers I always stayed with somebody.

Volunteering at Redfield

febbraio 25, 2010

Two days have already gone. It was not easy to adapt to something very different from Braziers. The work is easy, but the relations with the residents are a slow process to make.

The way to organize the volunteer time schedule here is different: I have a paper where all the residents who need help can sign up their name. In this way I’ll be working everyday with different people and doing different tasks. Like at Braziers, I have two days of a week. Ususally there’s one only WWOOFer.

On tusday I worked with David, James and Rory to the Greenhouse, which was damaged last year during a storm. We made a good job, taking down a huge amount of glasses and wood frames. We stored both of them: the glasses can be reuse for the new greenhouse, and the wood will be used for kindeling.  The weather was good enough in the moring, cloudy but dry, but in the afternoon we had to work with the snow. I was surprised to find snow here. After work I went for a wlk, but the surroundng here is not as nice as at Braziers, so I got back soon, even because it was snowing again. After supper, very basic, everybody disappears and I could just go in my bedroom, studing a little of english and listening to music. I think her is quite relaxing.

Yesterday I worked with David and Rory logging. But as happened on tuesday, also other residents joined the job  for a while. In the afternoon there was nothing to do and Corinne ask me to help her in the kitchen. It waqs funny, she is interested in learning italian, she s been several times in Italy, so the first thing she did yesterday was to play some italian music. She has many CDs, but they all are old and I told her that she need an up to date. We made smash potatoes, pees and fish for the children, and soup, bread an cheese for the adults. We also made some very nice apple muffin. The supper was pleasent, everybody was smiling and talkative, making many jokes, that unfortunely I could not easily understand.

I spent the evening with David, who kindly invited me to his room to watch a football match between Inter and Chelsea. I really appreciated it. We had also a nice chat, drinking couple of bottles of good cider. It was a chance to know him a bit more. I found out he’s been, and still is, a great traveller.

Tomorrow I have the morning off, since nobody needs help. I’m going to study englishnd maybr have a walk.

In the meanwhile in Italy it has b published a piece of news about my experience in England: ” Sant’Elpidio a Mare Un viaggio in Inghilterra per fare il volontario nelle community dove si impara l’inglese e si lavora in cambio di vitto e alloggio. Il tutto a costo praticamente zero (viaggio a parte) con il sogno di provare a realizzare qualcosa di simile anche nel Fermano. Roberto F., 33 anni, residente a Sant’Elpidio a Mare, è partito a dicembre per l’Inghilterra dove resterà per un anno circa. Attualmente è ospite in una community poco distante da Oxford e da due mesi vive insieme a una ventina di residenti di tutte le età e provenienti da tutto il mondo. “Ho scelto questo tipo di volontariato perché da sempre sono interessato alle tematiche legate all’economia solidale, alla sostenibilità ambientale e a stili di vita alternativi: dal 2008 sono socio del Gas di Porto Sant’Elpidio”, ci ha detto Roberto. “Lo scorso novembre mi sono laureato in scienze politiche con una tesi sui distretti di economia solidale (comprendente anche esperienze di co- housing e ecovillaggi) e, vivendo in campagna, sono interessato da tempo all’agricoltura biologica. Così sono andato sul sito dove c’è un archivio di aziende biologiche e community di tutto il mondo e ho scelto l’Inghilterra”. Ma cos’è una community? “E’ un gruppo di persone che ha scelto di convivere avendo spazi privati (camere all’interno di un edificio o magari singole abitazioni separate) e condividendo spazi comuni, quali cucina, soggiorno, sala da pranzo ecc.. Quando è possibile, c’è anche un orto, pollame, maiali e pecore per essere autosufficienti il più possibile dal punto di vista alimentare. Diversi gli aspetti positivi: si abbatte il costo della vita, si recupera la vita comunitaria di una volta e si ha uno stile di vita più sostenibile anche dal punto di vista ambientale”. E la giornata tipo? “Colazione verso le 8, un meeting alle 9 per i vari compiti: residenti e volontari, a turno, lavorano nell’orto, nel frutteto, in cucina, con gli animali, aiutano nelle pulizie e nella manutenzione della casa, nel preparare conserve, marmellate e miele, nell’accatastare la legna. Insomma il da fare non manca proprio. Dopo pranzo, in genere verso le 16 la giornata lavorativa finisce. Ceniamo insieme e a volte si passa la serata guardando un film oppure si va in un pub. Spesso si organizzano corsi di giardinaggio, potatura, cucina, yoga e di informazione su temi legati all’ecologia. Ognuno mette a disposizione dell’altro le proprie competenze. Non c’è il tempo di annoiarsi”. Uno stile di vita semplice, senza gli eccessi e i bisogni del consumismo. La vita di una volta: si lavora in base alle condizioni atmosferiche e alla luce del sole. Ovviamente non mancano gli elettrodomestici di oggi. “Per ora il bilancio e molto molto positivo”, conclude”.

travel and life: no program, openness to alternatives met along the journey. presence of planty of road, need of being open to them.

heppyness of poorest in india with nothing; sadness of rich country, with everything people need, and more

feel free with nothing. worries about trees, field, house, and more

beeing back after months, finding people doing the same things

attitude towards life, not necessary moving around the worlds, openness towards people and changes, also locally

One week at Redfield

febbraio 22, 2010

I made up my mind: from now on I’m going to write in english.

I’ve just got an e-mail from Massimiliano. He says that tomorrow will be published a piece of news on “il corriere adriatico” about my experience in England, and my choice to volunteer in the communities.

Yesterday was my day off. I spent the whole of it with Julie. We went for a very nice walk, around Braziers and along the ridge way. This is the former border between two old kingdoms. I went for sevral walk, but this is my favourite one, and I hope to do it again. I spent the night with Julie and Konstantin, wathing “cath if you can”, or something like that.

Since this is a piece of diary after a while, i should write about the last week. On monday we had the day dedicated to the housekeeping. On tusday I had the day off, and I went with julie, by walk, to wallingford, to visit Zoe, who was working for her second day in a cofee shop. We had fun, we drunk a couple of bottle of wine and had a funny walk back to Braziers.

On wednesday and thursday I worked outside, in the garde, making several raised beds, and hedgeleing. On wednesday the weather was amazing, sunny. And it was sunny also on saturday morning, when i went for a short walk with julie, before the morning meeting, and then by bycicle to wallingford, to buy some drinks. On saturday night we had a sort of party, with drinks and smoke.

I’m spending many time with Julie indeed, also because we have always the same days off.  I like her company more and more, and today has been difficult left her and leave to Redfield, where I m going to spend one week.

Leaving from Braziers  has been difficult indeed. I would have loved stay there, but I have to think to the next months too, and to stay at Redfield in April, I have to spend a week as a test.

Tomorrow is my first day here, beside the volunteer working week end at the end of Genuary. I already know the most part of the residents, and I feel confident with them and the place. Korinne, the referent for the WWOOFers, is amazing, very kind. She explained to me how the week will work and it sounds good. Let’s see.